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BRIMSTONE (Sleepy Hollow Hunter Book Two) E-BOOK

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***BRIMSTONE (Sleepy Hollow Hunter Book Two) E-book includes mobi, ePub, and PDF files. You will also receive a separate email from Bookfunnel with additional download links.***

The Underworld took her mate. She wants him back. Nothing living or dead will stand in her way.

Lykoi shifter Janda Gray has spent the last year as a Sleepy Hollow Hunter and has finally been given a major case—capture the demon's assassin before he can regain all the pieces of his brimstone mask.

But a surprise attack leaves Janda and her werepanther lover, Alexander Holden, caught in the Underworld. She's not happy when Alex sacrifices himself to send her through the veil of death and back to the world of the living.

Janda’s no longer hunting the assassin for the money. Now it’s personal.

With the help of her vampire friend, a wolf shifter, and a ghost witch, Janda's determined to save Alex or die trying—either way, she’ll be with him again.

What she discovers could change her entire perception of death, but she may not be ready for what's coming her way.

“Paranormal romance and urban fantasy readers will enjoy this version of the tales of Sleepy Hollow. . .There isn't a moment where you will become board [sic] as the author has you jumping down the rabbit hole and unlocking clues that lead to more things to unlock.” – Tamazon, Night Owl Reviews


Brimstone is perfect for urban fantasy fans 18+ who love slow-burn fated-mate romance. It features a cast of shifters, witches, a vampire, and a being from Sleepy Hollow folklore that shouldn't exist at all.

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